Work processes of the ceramic reconstruction and restoration at the Párisi udvar

"Stone is the frame on which the earth is modelled and wherever it crops out – there the architect may sit and learn." Frank Lloyd Wright
YBL Budai Kreatív Ház

János Farkas's Glass Prints [05/08/2018, 18PM]

Szabadság tér is one of the most stately squares downtown, easily accessible also from the direction of the Parliament, through Kossuth tér. Dominated by a huge park, the square is a popular place to hang out. Although the Hungarian Television, once housed in the Exchange Palace, left in 2009, is still home to several bank HQs and the Embassy of the United States. Thanks to its reconstruction in 2003, Szabadság tér is now a well-kempt park with playgrounds. The interactive fountain at its southern end – a later addition – is a favourite with locals and tourists both.